What Would You Do in Your Last 24 Hours on Earth?

January 29, 2013

Guest Post – Cara Aley

It’s a dreaded thought: If you knew you had only 24 hours left on earth, what would you do with that time? If the time comes and you are lucky enough to have advanced notice, it’s worth being prepared!

We have multiple suggestions for how to fill your last 24 hours as happily and productively as possible if such an unfortunate and unlikely situation arises.

See your three favorite people.

Who means the most to you in life? Who gives you the most joy? Make a list of the last three people who are important for you to spend time with, and plan events with them in order to be efficient with your time and get the most of the next 24 hours.

Make every meal count and eat what you love!

Do this with your favorite people–one for every meal. Maybe there are certain restaurants you adore, or certain foods you simply love that you can easily prepare. Are there certain calorie-filled treats that you typically deprive yourself of? Go for the gold and forget the scales. It’s your time!

Make every meal count–eat what you love and don’t normally let yourself indulge in!

Do your favorite hobby.

Another multitasking opportunity. Invite a favorite person to do an activity you both share a love for. Do you want to see your last sunset atop a mountain? Do you want to swim in the ocean at your favorite local beach? Hopefully it’s summer, so that can be accommodated. Write in your journal and reflect on your life (especially if others are going to be around after you pass–they might like to read it), make a painting and give it to someone–whatever makes your heart sing.

See your last sunset in a place that is special to you, perhaps with someone who is special to you.

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Visit your favorite place on earth.

Make sure that’s not too far away, as you don’t want to spend the majority of your time left on earth on a plane with a bunch of strangers!

Wear your favorite clothes.

Sometimes we save these favorite clothing items or shoes for a “special occasion” or because we don’t want to wear them out. Look amazing in your last 24 hours. No one will ever wear those clothes again, and when you look good, you feel good!

Call your mother.

Especially if she is not one of the top three people you will be spending time with! She needs to know you won’t be around for long, and it will be important for her to hear from you (you may both only have 24 hours to live depending on the circumstances, making it all the more important).

Call anyone you love to tell them you love that.

Take your mother and your three favorite people off of that list since you’ll already be seeing them. You don’t want loved ones to say “I never got to say goodbye.”

If others will survive, give away the things that mean the most to you

. This includes money you don’t have time to spend! Maybe you have a favorite ring or painting you want to be sure a friend or family member gets. If you don’t have a will, and you want to be sure someone gets something important to you, make it happen. Or at least put sticky notes on everything you want to gift to others, with recipients’ names on the notes.

Don’t sleep.

You can sleep when you’re dead. Haha.

Living like there is no tomorrow is something we all should consider doing on a daily basis because you never know when your time might be up. Sometimes given all of our responsibilities in life, this can be difficult to accomplish. Hopefully, however, this proposed game plan will be useful in two ways. The first is in helping provide a plan if you are lucky enough to be forewarned that you only have 24 hours to live. The second is in helping you to consider some of the things we should do every day in case it happens to be our last, and we have no warning.

Cara Aley is a freelance writer who covers a wide variety of topics

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