Sinkholes 2010

July 14, 2010

What in the world is causing all of these sinkholes in 2010?  While there have always been sinkholes, 2010 has truly been a banner year for them.  The colossal sinkhole in Guatemala made the most headlines, but the truth is that dozens of massive sinkholes have been appearing in China and giant sinkholes have even been opening up and swallowing cars in the United States.  So is all this a sign that something significant is happening?  Should we be preparing for the end of the world as we know it?  Will we see even more sinkholes and sudden geological changes as we approach 2012?

Nobody really knows, but what everyone can agree on is that 2010 has been an amazing year for sinkholes.  Just consider the following examples….

*The most famous sinkhole of 2010 of course was the one in Guatemala that was caused by Tropical Storm Agatha.  It was so massive that it swallowed not only a 3 story building, but also an entire street intersection.

*Sinking land has developed into a gigantic 80-meter diameter hole on a school playground in southern China.

*In China on June 4th, the road surface suddenly collapsed on the Zhejiang Huang Qu Nan highway heading towards Nanping.  A huge sinkhole measuring 8 meters in diameter and 10 meters in depth suddenly appeared right in the middle of the road.

*In fact, massive sinkholes have been popping up all over China in recent months.

*A massive sinkhole at a condominium complex in Florida has swallowed a car and authorities say that it is still growing.

*More than 100 sinkholes have been recorded this year in Hillsborough, Polk and Pasco counties by the Florida Geological Survey.

*Another stunningly large sinkhole recently swallowed a car in one St. Louis neighborhood.

*In Milwaukee, Wisconsin a utility truck recently fell into a huge sinkhole that suddenly developed in the middle of the street.

*The city council of Mobile, Alabama has approved an emergency expenditure to repair a sinkhole large enough to swallow a car.

*A massive sinkhole that recently appeared on the Trans-Canada Highway east of the Alberta-Saskatchewan border was so huge that it totally stopped traffic in both directions until it was repaired.

So could it just be a coincidence that we are seeing so many sinkholes around the globe?

Or is something else going on?

The truth is that earthquakes are up significantly in 2010, and all kinds of weird earth changes are going on.

So will we see even more earth activity as we approach 2012?

Nobody knows for sure, but it definitely looks like we are in for an interesting ride.

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  • kevin

    its the nucklyer stuff and gaz an all the signs are telling you to stop taking the oil thats why the earth is doing all those signs destroying cars and the world world is palouted i cant belive that the goverment dosent even no that. use electicety not nuclyer

  • jack Rabbit

    @Kevin. Learn to type English you illiterate douche. What on earth are you trying to say? Nucklyer? electicety?palouted?dosent?gaz?

  • Guido

    Seriously dude, you might want to learn to spell. The Earth is not a thinking creature with the power to reason and take revenge on people. You sound like some kind of superstitious peasant. BTW-where do you think electricity comes from? Try nuclear power. How about coal power?

  • tsj


  • Rational Human

    Kevin, you’re an idiot. Use (what I can only assume is) electricity not nuclear energy? I want to rant and scream of this absurdity, but I’ll just leave at this: Kevin, once again, you are an idiot.

  • Cécile

    Yeah caused but attomic technology that definitly destroyed matier en relieve the whole earth…

  • Jan Huniche

    H.A.A.R.P…. ???.

  • Matt

    Hey, just cos someone can’t spell,there’s no need to rail at them in such a hateful manner.

  • Lori

    Comet Elenin. Gravitational pull in our solar system messing with our tectonic plates. Earthquakes. Sinkholes. Volcanic activity. September thru November 2011 should be interesting. The media constantly told us about Haileys Comet and also the Hale Bopp Comet. Why are they not reporting about this comet?! Odd don’t you think? According to the graphs on NASAs website, it shouldn’t impact us…BUT…in November we will be traveling thru the million mile tail that it has. So doesn’t that seem news worthy? Maybe stock up a little bit on some water & food just to be on the safe side! Watch the skies…it should be interesting!

  • Paul

    The cause of sinkholes is nothing more than simple erosion of the soft underground limestone over a great amount of time. Mankind has relatively tiny influence on the cause as it is due to natural forces. take a look at contact karst; same principal, different manner and depth. SIMPLE!!

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