Massive Reserves Of Gold And Oil In Haiti?

January 25, 2010

The great tragedy of the 7.0 earthquake that essentially destroyed the nation of Haiti has many wondering if that nation can ever recover.  In fact, as you read this Haiti continues to be a disaster zone of unprecedented magnitude.  Lots of money has been raised by celebrities, but victims of the earthquake in Haiti are still absolutely desperate for food and water.  

But even as Haiti struggles to recover from the greatest disaster in that nation’s history, information is coming to light that the key to a brighter future for the Haitians may have been lying under their feet all this time.  It turns out that there are massive reserves of gold and oil in Haiti.  These abundant natural resources could be used to rebuild Haiti and give those people an incredibly bright future – if someone else does not sweep in and steal those resources first. 

I’ll have to admit when I first heard about oil in Haiti I was quite skeptical.

After all, why wouldn’t we have heard about it by now if they had it?

Well, the reality is that there are vast untapped oil reserves in many areas of the globe, and Haiti’s have not been developed due to the violence and political instability that have ravaged that nation for decades.  Not to mention the fact that Haiti does not possess the technical expertise to exploit those resources.

But apparently they do exist.

According to a report in the French newspaper Le Post, scientists Daniel and Ginette Mathurin say that  Haiti’s oil reserves are larger than those of Venezuela.

In fact, Daniel Mathurin says that Haiti’s oil reserves are so much larger that they are not even worth comparing….

“An Olympic pool compared to a glass of water that is the comparison to show the importance of oil Haitian compared to those of Venezuela.”

That is an amazing statement considering the fact that Venezuela is one of the world’s major oil producers.

But Daniel and Ginette Mathurin are not the only ones making these claims about oil in Haiti.

In a paper dated March 27, 2004, Dr. Georges Michel detailed the history of oil discoveries in Haiti and explained why they have not been exploited yet. 

According to Michel, the big oil companies know about the massive reserves of oil in Haiti but in the 50s and 60s there was almost too much oil to go around so they decided that those reserves were not needed at the time and that they would be kept in reserve until later….

[The attitude of these big multinational oil companies was] “We shall keep the Haitian deposits and other such layers of deposits in reserve for the 21st century when the Middle Eastern jackpot are depleted.”

In fact, it was apparently known as far back as 1908 that Haiti has substantial reserves of oil.

But those poor people have been kept in abject poverty all this time when they could have been benefiting from all of this oil.

Not only that, but Haiti also apparently possesses a great deal of gold as well.

A United Nations study in the 70s indicated Haiti could be littered with gold and copper deposits.  However, the same political violence and recurring coups that have kept the oil in Haiti from being exploited have also kept the gold from being mined.

So how much gold does Haiti have?  Well, the former president of Dominican Petroleum Refinery recently said that Haiti has vast untapped reserves of gold and iridium (a little known and rare mineral that is vital for the construction of spacecraft) and that these resources should be used to pay off the Haitian foreign debt.

And he is not alone in his assessment.

Back in 2007 a geologist with 27 years of experience hunting for gold was asked what he thought the chances of discovering huge amounts of gold in Haiti were.  This is how he responded….

“I don’t think there’s a question of whether there’s a good deposit here. It’s a question of whether we can develop it here in Haiti.”

In fact, analysts are predicting “a stampede into Haiti” if the existence of large gold deposits there can be confirmed.

So one of poorest nations in the world turns out to be just brimming with oil and gold….

Do you think that those resources will be used to rebuild Haiti and to give those people a truly bright future?

Don’t count on it.

In fact, now that Haiti has essentially been destroyed, troops are pouring in and politicians are already talking about starting business ventures in the country.  To many in Washington, Haiti’s natural resources are considered “strategic reserves” of the United States.

You see, for decades Haiti has been viewed by many as being essentially “owned” by the United States.  The U.S. government has done little to actually help the nation of Haiti get on the right path, but they maintain a huge presence there.  In fact,  the U.S. constructed its fifth largest embassy in the world in the nation of Haiti.

But perhaps that is just a coincidence.

The key will be to watch what happens to Haiti’s natural resources as the rebuilding of that nation proceeds.

Will all of the gold and oil be used to help the people of Haiti, or will the gold and oil be exploited by ruthless foreigners?

The world will be watching.

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  • Aeiluindae

    It seems to be the same way in many unstable countries. Another example is the Democratic Republic of Congo. It has the world’s largest reserves of coltan, an ore that contains tantalum, an essential component in many consumer electronics devices. It is currently being exploited on a small scale. It also has diamonds and many other valuable natural resources. Maybe someday things will be at least somewhat equitable.

  • Canbyte

    There’s yet another side to Haiti – little rain, soil or water which means no sustainable future for the people unless your theory proves true.

    Interesting possibility you raise but do you go with the (almost dead) bird in the hand or two birds in the bush? Seems we need more realistic public discourse on this unfortunate island.

  • Allen Risler

    expect US Military to install massive military base in Haiti to exploit oil and gold reserves.

  • Peter Pnin

    Haiti has more oil than Venezuela

    The claim is cited here:

    The two scientists quoted are “Daniel and Ginette Mathurin”

    Anyone who can prove that these persons exist get a 5 dollars.

    You may look in vain for:

    1. university affiliation.
    2. evidence of degree in anything
    3. employment in scientific institute
    4. publication record
    5. any other interviews outside that mentioned in Radio Metropole.

    I submit that Daniel and Ginette Mathurin were invented. Prove me wrong.

  • Uncle B

    the world’s multi-national Capitalists and corporatists will go anywhere there is riches, rape the land, leave devastation and disappear back into the wood-work with bags of money for their efforts when the time is ripe, the gains are greatest, the opportunities facilitated by world situation! Only the foolhardy Yankee Military and the asshole government there ever try jerk-off crude attempts like Iraq! When the U.S. is squeaking for oil and offering 12 year old blond virgins per bbl, watch the real shysters of the world cash in! Until them the oil, the gold, – as safe as money in the bank because nobody can afford to exploit it! The innocence expressed by this article is refreshing none-the -less!

  • Ben

    Im sure some one in Haiti has the brains to mine gold or drill for oil. Why don’t they just do it them selves?

  • Otis MyMan

    They just have to get off that Voodoo crap.

  • mike

    any one doin a slight bit of research will know that yes their are gold reserves in haiti but the only viable mines ran out right about the time columbus jumped on the beach for the first time. The oil reserves would come to a great shock to everyone trust me iv got a nice third year uni project on the go right now and have enough sources on this place that im personally responsible for the deforestation of Haiti when i start printing it out. is it the end of the world as we know it or is it just the end of decent unbiased well researched work.

  • Nature’s Source

    So when the earthquake hit, there is evidence of oil and gold being unearthed….hmmm…..I agree with the analysts who say that there will be TONS of people who go down to Haiti just for the gold and the oil…but ia ll depends on how haiti reacts to this.

  • jean

    This is bullSh**. they’ve been knew of the oil since the 70s. and yes we are smart enough to get it ourselves but something else is also true there really are oppressors out there capitalizing on small countries like us.
    I know! im haitian, ive lived here for 12 year, born in miami.

  • wheels

    I may be wrong but it seems to me that all countries that have oil or other riches are being toppled in the name of protecting the people from regimes (America setup,oops did I say that?) or countries that have had disasters are being invaded yet other countries that have the same problems such as African countries,Yemen or Bahrain that have oppresive regimes but no riches are left to dry or die!!! it may be just me i’m probably paranoid or an urban terrorist better send a swat team to sort me out!!!

  • verite

    why it is hard for people to understand, HAITI is,and always will be the first BLACK nation in this world,also the people who abolished slavery in Americas. in 1804, while it was fair game for americans to have black people as their slave. Just ask yourself why does the U.S government did not recognized HAITI as a free nation until Abraham lincoln. we are Haitians being punish by the white men for being freed, I meant to say the U.S government.


  • verite

    we Haitians need to stand up against these empires demand our freedom one more time, and this time we should do it without blood,but with peace and dignity. We changed the world before, lets do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love for Haiti, and it’s people, and for all peoples who are fighting for peace in this world of ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marabou2u

    This does not surprise me at all; in fact, it has been a well known fact that Christopher Columbus settled in Haiti because of the gold there. The French later for the same reason. Though, he Columbus was looking for spices; he found something much better, gold. He destroyed all the native “Indians” having them work hard to extract the gold; then sent for the Blacks of Africa because they were “stronger”. Furthermore, it well known in our oral culture that the French digged holes and burried their treasures (gold) during the Haitian revolution because they were sure that they would come back one day. Gold was what we were known for; you walked on gold in Hispanola…it’s always been a matter of where did they burried them? who will run into them? how would we extract the gold? In fact, people are said to have been lucky and discovered a few “Jars of gold” here and there over the years. So, not surprising at all. As for oil; I’ve heard rumors but never quite made sense how we would have that. But hey, we’ll take it. WE’ve paid long enough for wanting to be master of our own destiny!

  • Zeke Petrie

    The powers that be, and they know who they are, already have control over the oil and gold in Haiti. The average Haitian will never benefit from it. The truth is the truth, all day everyday, period!

  • http://no Jean F, Moise

    But what may happened when an abandoned drilling left behind and accumulated for while as a result? Now, what is the threshold for volatility, and the effect into human cells and their plasma is well.

  • Lesly H

    Haitian people have to realized that Haiti belongs to them and they have to cellectively take charge in rebuilding the country. The so called government (President , Senators and the Deputies) have an obligation to realize that the Constitution of the country is it’s downfall. It’s keeping the country from moving forward. There are too many clauses in the constitution that gives political freedom to people that have no knowledge on how to run a country. Yes Haitians like to boast that they’re the first in many things, yet we are dead last in everything. Do the math, what is the problem. We need to search deep within our souls and to be honest with ourselves. Let us stop playing politics and take into cosideration of how a beautiful country like Haiti with hidden oasis is being wasted away. The Tourist industry is searching for a place like Haiti to explore. Let us create a safer and cleaner Haiti and rid Haiti of the instability from crime and see how great Haiti can become once again. I’m not downing on my country, I am just trying to catalyze us into making Haiti a tourist destination like all the other Islands. Our people are dying of starvation, diseases and dehidration because of a lack of resources. We can change that. For the love of our country “Haiti”. As for the Gold and Oil Reserve discovered in Haiti, let us be honest. Do we really think that Haitian people will profit from that? Maybe a few but the vast majority will hear about it or die trying to get to it. Nonetheless we need a group of outsiders that will be willing to assist Haiti in becoming the megaforce tha it can be; a group that will help the Haitians President develop strategies to deal with the problems and to bring about solutions to the problems. I am willing to assist in any means tha I can. I love Haiti for it is in Haiti that my ancestors bones are burried and my childhood home is and it is in Haiti that I was born. I cry to see Haiti prosper into a beautiful tourist filled country. May God keep us all safe.

  • Lesly H

    They just have to take things seriously and move forward to making the country a better place for all to survive and to leave in peace.

  • Chris

    I hope haiti will rise up together and stand up for what is theres theyare in need of a leader who would lead them to there independence they could choose to fight and die for there country and not let corruption over take them they need a leader someone like toussaint L’ouverture , it would be great to see haiti turn the tables for them selfs.

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